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The North Bay Heritage Gardeners is dedicated to developing a year-round community-based educational, horticultural, and environmental program. We focus on fostering pride and growth through enhancing and beautifying the North Bay waterfront and other approved areas.

Horticultural Education

We have an ongoing horticultural educational program that is open to all Heritage Gardeners as well as the general public. Education sessions are in the classroom or hands-on right in the garden beds. Class room type sessions will be presented at the North Bay Public Library on Worthington Street East in the Auditorium or at Discovery North Bay Museum (the former CP Station) on the second floor in the Upper Gallery.  Seating for these sessions is limited, so interested participants must call the Heritage Gardener Coordinator to reserve a space. Feel free to bring a friend, just reserve a space for him or her too. 

Please bring your own mug if you would like tea or coffee. We generally have organic Fair Trade coffee from TWIGGS at our events as well as organic herbal teas. Bringing your own mug cuts down on the use of foam and paper cups. Donations to help cover the costs of our educational speakers are always welcome.

Educational Sessions and Events for 2016

Downloadable 2016 Education Schedule

Monday November 21 , 2016 at 7pm: Season Arrangement Workshop with Master Gardeners Carol Furlonger and Lynn Farintosh at the North Bay Public Library. Participants are required to register and pay the $20 fee by noon on Friday November 11, 2016. Check our home page for office hours if you wish to register and make payment by the deadline.

This Schedule is subject to change due to speaker availability. Changes will be noted as they are available.

2016 Education Schedule

This is a list of our education topics for 2016

See the details of our education sessions on the Education/Volunteer appreciation page

Please call the Coordinator to reserve your place at our indoor sessions. This helps us with planning however there is plenty of space and seating so please come join us!

All educational events are free for Heritage Gardeners. Donations from the public are welcome and appreciated but not mandatory to help cover the cost of our speakers/refreshments. Give if you can.

November: Seasonal Arrangements with Master Gardeners Carol Furlonger and Lynn Farintosh

This year our education sessions for the most part will take place at the North Bay Public Library Auditorium. Exceptions are May and September which will be held at Discovery North Bay Museum.