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Nipissing Botanical Gardens, a committee of the Heritage Gardeners, exists to identify, preserve, and create greenspaces, natural and cultivated, within the City of North Bay. Heritage Gardeners partnered with several organizations including North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority, Nipissing University, Canadore College and other volunteers in 2004 and city council passed a resolution supporting the concept that same year.

In 2006 a tree nursery consisting of 6000 shrubs and 400 trees was planted along the Kinsmen Trail by two Heritage Gardener teams; The Outlanders and the Green Berets. These trees and shrubs will be the undergrowth in Community Waterfront Park and will be transplanted in 2010-11. This was the first site that was identified by Nipissing Botanical Gardens as a significant greenspace.treeplanting hammond.JPG

Photo by Snapdragon Photography


In the spring of 2010 Nipissing Botanical Gardens and volunteers began transferring stock from the nurseries to the Community Waterfront Park.  This first year they planted 239 trees and 187 shrubs along the fence that runs between the railway line and the soon to be parklands.  All this stock was lifted from the nurseries established in 2006.  Seven species of trees and six species of shrubs were spaced out with room to grow to maturity.  The trees were staked that year and have been carefully pruned in subsequent years.  The survival of the trees and shrubs has been excellent with some of the silver maples now over 3 metres tall. 


2011 was a big year for the Nipissing Botanical Gardens and the Community Waterfront Park.  That spring volunteers dug in again to extend the tree line to the west side of the underpass up to the Marina Point lands.  Another 62 trees and 59 shrubs completed the boundary between the rail lines and the park.  

Sean & Hariett

Next they planted over 600 more shrubs in scallop shaped beds on the lakeside bank of the newly formed amphitheatre slope.  All this stock was lifted from the Hammond Street nursery.  The huge task of mulching all this stock was also carried out by volunteers that spring.  

 young volunt

Before the spring was finished The City of North Bay planted twenty large red oak and sugar maple trees at the crest of the amphitheatre hill. 

Once more that year the community came together to restock the Hammond street nursery with 250 saplings, mostly oaks and maples.  2011 was capped off in fall with the planting of over 2000 spring flowering bulbs along both sides of the rail line underpass and between the trees along the top of the amphitheatre hill.



The pattern continued in April 2012 with volunteers planting and mulching over 40 oaks and maples in the west part of the new Oak Street parking lot.

 volunteer planters



That same day volunteers completed the planting of the east arc of the amphitheatre slope with over 100 more shrubs. 

Stay tuned, the Community Waterfront Park is still young and the community of North Bay is full of energy and growth potential!the spiral mound

 Photos by Snapdragon Photography.


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